No Regrets!

   When I left home at age eighteen, my mindset was to try everything under the book. I wanted to travel, meet new people, shop internationally, live in different places, learn new hobbies and skills and explore as many coffee shops possible. =~)!  I also wanted to create new memories, make new friends, and build a platform that would pay off in my thirties. There are two versions of “Myeka.” I’m nerdy, smart, intelligent, and determined, yet, I have a huge personality, I love jokes, I’m athletic and love sports, I am competitive, I love to dance, I love books, and I am a coffee addict.  All of those listed describes my personality. Each one listed contributed to my success and platform that I created for myself in my twenties. 


My niche:

  • I am really good at public speaking, pitching (corporate term), and problem solving. 

My Inspiration:

  • I love seeing others make progress.
  • My determination to go after what I want no matter if I fail.
  • Having fun.

My quotes:

  • If it doesn’t challenge you, then it’s not for you. 
  • No matter what you do, not everyone will like you, so do what makes you happy. 


Best memory: Shopping in Japan

Money well spent: SHOES 

Most exciting accomplishment:

  • Renting an apartment in a downtown area with city view.
  • Purchasing my Fiat 500.
  • Shooting a commercial with Allen Iverson.

My Go Tos

Morning: Coffee

Driving: Coffee and music

Last minute: Chapstick

Working out: Headphones and belly burner

Chill night: Wine

Ladies night out: Great shoes and tequila

App: Instagram

Eating: Mirror, chapstick, and floss

Show(s): Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family

What I seem to forget: Glasses

YouTube: Motivational videos

Cooking: Sriracha sauce, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing

My Favorite Things

Books: Autobiographies

Coffee: French vanilla

Hair: Short

Shoes: Stiletto boot

Music: Acoustic

Movies: Titanic, Forrest Gump, For Colored Girls, Bad Boys Two, Sex and the City, Legally Blonde, Love and Basketball, 27 Dresses, 13 Going on 30, Cast Away, Pearl Harbor, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 1917, The Blind Side

Vacation spot: Vegas

Artist: India Arie

Feature: Height

Old school: 90s music and war movies.

Kid movie: Shrek

Sport: Basketball

Beauty secret: Working out

   I had tons of fun in my twenties. I discovered much about the world, other people, and myself. I have no regrets because everything that happens in life teaches us lessons and forces us to grow no matter how difficult. If I had any advice for those coming into their twenties, I would tell them: Explore new things, take risks, and have fun. You can’t control most things in life, but you can choose how you view them. Happiness comes from the inside, so remember your view on things becomes part of your self-conscience. Your self-conscience affects your mind. Your mind control your thoughts and your thoughts control your mouth. What you speak from your mouth, you are the first to hear. 


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