In Demand and on The Go!

I’ve been on the move since mid-May. After retiring as CEO, my focus became becoming a doctor. For the past two months, I’ve been on the go. In May, I was asked to move to New York City to take over a fitness franchise. I was ecstatic. However, I had a week to pack my things in North Carolina and move to New York. I drove back to North Carolina, packed what I could, and moved to New York. I had no idea where I would live, how bad the traffic would be, and how expensive things would cost me in New York. Luckily, I’ve been in situations like this before, so I had an idea on what to do. I want to share tips and ideas for last-minute career changes and how to balance your money, time, and career while living it up in a new city.

What do I do if I need to move and begin working ASAP?

Find new friends prior to moving.

  • Social media can help you socialize with people all over the world. I’ve always been a sociable person so connecting with New Yorkers was easy. The number one thing I looked for when looking for new friends was career related attributes. I am businesswoman, future doctor, model, actress, and head of a fitness company. I took in all of those perspectives and made new friends ASAP.

Where do I live?

  • Find a nice Airbnb or hotel to sleep for at least a week or two. For that time, you’ll have a guaranteed place to shower, eat, get work done and come back to after work. If you need more than two weeks, some Airbnbs will allow you to do a short-term 3 -6 month stay. Hotels are a little expensive, so your best bet is to stay at an Airbnb or ask a friend if you could crash with them.

How do I spend money?

  • Set aside money for food, essentials, commute, tolls, Uber, etc., because when you are in a rush you spend as you go. After a while, the money beings to add up. Create a budget for the first three months of your new move. The first three months are always the most expensive. Your budget should include:
  • Food (include tip money)
  • Travel (gas/toll/Uber)
  • Hotel/Airbnb
  • Emergency cash
  • Personal and hygiene
  • Laundry
  • Groceries
  • Entertainment (shopping/going out)

How do I travel and move at the same time?

  • Pack a traveling suitcase. Even after I moved to New York, I was traveling out of state for work. I packed one suitcase with selective outfits. I packed another with all skincare and hygiene products. I put all of my office supplies and materials were put in an open, untapped box so I would have easy access to them. I packed the rest of my things into boxes. I traveled with the same suitcases and box for a week. Luckily for me, I was able to find an Airbnb they extended my stay for six months. I unpacked my car and put everything in the house. Everything is still in boxes and will resume there until I find my own place.
  • Find a storage location near where you’ll be living. Pay for it and set it up before you hit the road. Fit what you can in your car. If you are bringing a lot of things with you to a new city, you can have everything shipped to your storage prior to moving (really expensive) or you can rent a U-Haul and tow your car.

What are some tools I can use to make my move easier?


Airbnb – Finding a place to live.

Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Wase – Finding your way around.

Postmates, Grubhub, or Uber Eats – To order food.

Google Translate – To translate another language

USPS – To quickly change your address and track your packages.

ParkWhiz – To find cheap and convenient parking.

Toll Calc – To determine the amount you’ll pay before taking a specific route that requires a toll.

EzPass – A quick and easy way to get through tolls faster. Using a EZPass gets you discounts. The discounts are based on the city your travelin in.

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