Adult Things To Achieve in Your Twenties

It’s exciting being in your twenties. You travel, meet new people, and do crazy things with friends. I had fun in my twenties because I wasn’t afraid to try new things. I lived in different cities, met so many people and had fun exploring new adventures. Here is a list of things you should try in your twenties.

Buy yourself a car

I bought this Fiat 500 as a gift to myself.

Live in another country

This is me in Tokyo, Japan for my 23rd Bday

Get tattoos/piercings

Mentor/teach youth

Me teaching youth about how to prepare themselves for the entertainment business.

Meet an important public figure

Me meeting the first black (female) governor of North Carolina

Start a business

The promotional flyer I used after I was nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30.

Give a speech/ Tell your story

Me giving a speech to a youth group about how to stay healthy.


Me when I volunteered for Speak Up Magazine

Try a new look

I wore this short haircut for nearly six years

Host an event for a cause, purpose, or for fun

I hosted a self-help dinner for millennials


Me in Vegas in December in 2012

Compete in a competition

Me when I won Model of The Year

Raise money for a cause

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