The Pros and Cons of Change; Leveling Up

Fear. That’s what most people feel when they need or want to change. It’s a lot easier to remain the same. Same lifestyle. Same friends. Same mindset. It’s doesn’t require a lot of work. If you choose to remain the same, you’ll never be required to be different.

There is nothing wrong with feeling fear. The problem is not learning how to move forward despite of. Most of us understand this feeling because we, ourselves, have felt it before or may be holding back on change because of it.

I’m not the fearing type, however, one of my biggest stressors was not being successful. I had to be successful. As I mentioned in my last post, I would try to force things because I felt that’s what needed to work to push me forward. Only to find out, it wasn’t. It wasn’t part of the plan.

For a better understanding of what change is, below is a list of different types of changes.

◾️New career or job

◾️Moving away from home

◾️New friends

◾️Being in leadership

◾️Changing your lifestyle

◾️ Failing

◾️Starting over

◾️Saying no and standing up

◾️Not getting what you want

There are many other examples of change, but everyone’s journey is different. One of the main reasons people fear change is the reaction to the change. Many people are also fearful of your change. Here is a list of pros and cons of change:

You don’t believe you can do it.

◾️Con: This is a lack of confidence in yourself and what you can do.

◾️Pro: Instead of focusing on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can.

You care about what others may think.

◾️Con: Caring about what others think will thwart you from everything in life. No matter what you do, people will always have something negative to say.

◾️Pro: You can use what others think or say to fuel what’s needed to go to the next level. This doesn’t mean try to prove them wrong. It means to allow how you feel about their negativity to encourage yourself to keep going.

You lack the resources to change.

◾️ Con: This just means it may take a little longer to get started or to move forward.

◾️Pro: You can create your own resources. It this case, you’ll take full credit for doing it yourself.

You will lose friends and family over your change.

◾️Con: You’ll miss them. You may even resent them for making it harder for you to change.

◾️Pro: You chose you. It’s always best to do what’s best for you. You’ll be proud of yourself later.

You’re afraid you may fail.

◾️Con: You will fail.

◾️Pro: Failure is good. It teaches you a lot about yourself. Once you learn how to deal with it, you’ll always have the resilience to bounce back no matter how bad things get.

“It’s never too late to start over.” – Joyce Meyer

Change is part of life. It’s inevitable. The hardest part about change is not changing. Always remaining the same. Fear is normal, but don’t allow it to hold you back.

Written by: Myeka Johnson